Friday, April 13, 2018

Storing blending foam pads for distress ink

I have seen a lot of ideas for storing sponge blenders on Pinterest lately and wanted to try it for myself since I have a blending pad for almost each color I have. I use them both for the mini distress inks and the oxide inks.
The idea came from a website but I don't know exactly which one because I didn't pin it but here you can see how it looks like.

Distress ink color chart

I first made a large size color chart for all the distress colors where there was enough space for the pad and the color name beneath it. 
Then I laminated these papers so I can easily clean it of when it's dirty.
Next I trimmed small pieces of self adhesive velcro and added one for each color. The only thing I had to do then was to put the blending foams.

Distress ink color chart

I also have a color chart that you can download from
I just added some trimmed pieces of paper which I colored with the ink pads.
With this chart it's easy to see which color to use because the color on the ink pad is not really what it's looking like when you actually blend them out.
And it allows you to see all the different colors that you have in your collection.

Distress ink color chart

Distress ink color chart

I store my mini distress ink pads in a drawer I have for many years and for me it works great.

Distress ink pads
Drawer for distress ink pads

So now you've seen how I store my mini distress ink pads and how I organize my blending foams. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. What a great idea ! Have to remember when reorganising....Thanks a lot for sharing. x

  2. I just found out about this idea, you've set yours up so perfectly!!

  3. Great idea! Tim does say not to use the same blending foam for the regular distress ink and the oxide because of the ink formulation.